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The smart alert
system that detects
a child left in car


Infalurt is the new child car seat alert system that could save lives

The simple three-component device works as a baby car seat alarm system, triggering an alert if your child is left behind when you leave the vehicle.


Peace of mind at all times


Key fob alarm works with up to four child seat sensors


Easy to set up and use


Works with leading
child car seat brands

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The Unavoidable Facts

It’s the unfortunate reality that accidentally leaving children unattended in cars is more common than you think. Whether from caregiver fatigue or distractions, the consequences of leaving children alone in a car – even for a short period of time – can be tragic.

10 Reasons Why
anyone can accidentally
leave a child in the car

  • Sleep deprivation
  • Burnout & fatigue
  • Distractions
  • Change of caregiver
  • Change of work hours
  • Change of routine
  • Running late
  • Alternating cars
  • Anxiety & depression
  • Feeling unwell

With Infalurt, your child’s safety is at your fingertips.


Infalurt technology has three simple components: a sensor that sits beneath the child seat, a control unit placed in an accessible position to the driver and a key fob alarm.

Can a child really be forgotten and left in a car?

The Look before you lock campaign reminds parents and carers that anyone can accidentally leave their child in a car.

Our Story

"A moment of forgetfulness shouldn’t lead to a lifetime of regret. After seeing the tragic death rate statistics for children left unattended in child car safety seats, I commenced a global search to unearth a simple and effective fix."


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You can rest assured, knowing you are safeguarding against accidental and avoidable caregiver-child separations.


The smart alert system
that detects
a child left in car

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