How it works


Infalurt technology has three simple components:

a sensor that sits beneath the child seat, a control unit placed in an accessible position to the driver and a key fob alarm.


The Infalurt system communicates to alert you if the child is left behind when you leave the vehicle.

See how it works below:

1. System Setup

Each unit is positioned in the car. The system is primed when a child is detected by the sensor pad.


2. Alert Trigger

Alarm is triggered when key fob is more than 10m from the vehicle and the child is still detected by the sensor pad.


3. No Trigger

No alarm sounds when the child is removed from the vehicle along with the key fob.


The Technology

The Infalurt system uses a combination of capacitive sensing, battery operation and short-range ISM radio communications. Together, they provide accurate monitoring of your child in the car to ensure they are not accidentially left behind. 

There are countless benefits to the technology behind Infalurt:


Not dependent on a phone which could be the source of distraction


Self-contained (battery operated) so not reliant on vehicle power


75% of the temperature rise occurs within the first 5 minutes of closing and leaving the car so a fast-response alarm system is essential 


Use of capacitive sensing avoids physical alterations to the child seat or potential reductions to its safety rating


ISM band communications make the units less susceptible to communication problems in areas with heavy WiFi use

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You can rest assured, knowing you are safeguarding against accidental and avoidable caregiver-child separations.


The smart alert system
that detects
a child left in car

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