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Absolutely. You can add up to four child seat units linked to the one key fob.

How will I know when the batteries are going flat?

When a child has been placed into the child seat, the system will indicate which unit / key fob needs its batteries replaced, by flashing red periodically and beeping once.

How much time to do I have before replacing batteries?

If you have been notified by the system of a flat or dying battery, replace them in the appropriate unit immediately. 

Where can I purchase replacement batteries?

Replacement batteries can be purchased from any supermarket or hardware store.

What type of batteries are required?

Control unit and child seat units require 2 x AA batteries in each unit. The hey fob requires 1 x CR123.

What happens if the key fob doesn’t flash blue when I place child in car seat?

Re-pair the system as per Steps 3a. to Step 3c. (Setting Up Your Infalurt System) in the Instruction Manual that came with your Infalurt system. You can also download it here.

Can I purchase a replacement control Unit, child seat unit or key fob individually, if lost or damaged?

Absolutely. All of the items can be purchased separately.

Is there a possibility of electric shock from the Infalurt system?


There are two vehicles parked next to each other and both have the Infalurt System installed, will my key fob recognise my system?

Yes. Each system is paired to its own key fob, so two neighbouring systems will not interfere with one another.

Can I transfer my Infalurt System from one vehicle to another?

Yes. The Infalurt System can be transferred to another vehicle, however the system will need to be re-calibrated. Refer to Step 4 in Instruction Manual, Calibrating the System. We would recommend purchasing a separate Infalurt System for each vehicle your child is regularly transported in, to ensure your child is always protected.

Can I place the control unit anywhere inside the vehicle?

No. The Control Unit is best placed in the centre console to maximise efficiency. 

Can I use any of the units or key fob for any other electronic devices?

The Infalurt System and its individual components cannot be used for or with any other electronic devices.

What colours are available for the Infalurt System?

The Infalurt System is currently available in black.

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